Tuesday, January 13, 2015

REVIEW: Enamoured by Shannon Curtis

Title: Enamoured
Author: Shannon Curtis
Publication Date: May 1, 2013
Source: Via Netgalley.

Once Upon a Crime…

Melanie wants to get incriminating information on her evil stepfather and she’ll get it —even if it means giving in to an odious toad’s demands. Cole is undercover, and when the opportunity arises for him to get closer to the criminal he’s investigating, using the man’s beautiful stepdaughter, he grabs it.

Esmerelda is a Fairy Godmother Enforcer charged with getting the Frog Prince fairy tale back on track. But fate has saddled her with a partner, and Rumpelstiltskin — with his sexy bad boy swagger — has a hidden agenda of his own.

In the Fairy Isle, nothing is as it seems…

A fairy tale retelling in the modern world? I'm a sucker for fairy tales. I mean Once Upon a Time is one of my favorite TV shows. But I have to say that Enamoured just didn't cut it for me.

Our story is centered around Melanie and Cole. Melanie's stepfather is evil, controlling, abusive and shady. She's determined to find something on him so she can get rid of him once and for all. Cole is an undercover cop. HIs target? Melanie's stepfather. As their paths cross, Melanie and Cole begin working together. But it doesn't take long for romance to strike.

Esmerelda is a fairy godmother. Her current job is to watch over Melanie and make sure her "tale" plays out as its supposed to. The problem? Cole is not part of the tale. She also has been given a partner for this particular case. Rumpelstiltskin. He's on a sort of probation and this job will tell his fate.

Now all of this seems like the setup for a pretty good story. But I was just left feeling kind of confused. It seems Ms. Curtis has tried to jumble as many fairy tales into one story as she possibly could. Add in the fact that Enamoured is a novella and it's just all to much. We've got a reversed Cinderella situation, a frog prince hint with Melanie's real love partner and Cole, who just doesn't belong.

Enamoured was a quick read to fit in between books, but I felt like it just fell short. Melanie and Cole's chemistry was fun and sexy. Esmerelda and Rumple's situation was comical. Give the chance to expand into a longer book, Enamoured might be improved upon. But as it stands, I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. Unless you just have to see for yourself. But you know what they say, "Curiosity killed the cat.."

2 Hearts!


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