Freebie Challenge 2015

The Read Your Freebies Challenge is hosted by The Book Vixen. This is only for FREE, legally obtained E-books or audio books. It doesn't matter where you obtained them, as long as they were free for everyone at the time you downloaded it. You can read more info and get all the rules here.

I love this challenge. I have so many books that I've purchased from Amazon or iBooks that I got for free and have not read! I thought this would be a good way to check some of those off of my TBR list. There are different levels that you can commit to and I think I'm going with Buying In Bulk - 36 eBooks. I have way more than that I'm sure and lord knows how many more I'll accumulate over the next year, but I feel confident in that number.

Be sure to check out all the rules and info and consider signing up yourself! I know we all have a pile of freebies that we just never get to. Let's change that in 2015!

1/36 books

1. The Housemates by Iain Rob Wright (goodreads - amazon)


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