book review policy

If you are a publisher/author wishing for me to review a book, email me at

I would love, LOVE to review your book! I am not a professional writer, just a normal girl who loves to read. I always give an honest review. I do not make the promise to post a positive review but I will never portray the book/author in a negative way. If for some reason I do not like the book at all, I will not post a review. I will then contact you immediately with my reasons/concerns. All reviews will be posted on my blog first, then GoodReads and Amazon. If you wish me to post on a specific website, let me know and I will be glad to. 

I prefer physical books. I do own a Kobo Touch & an Ipad, so I will accept digital books in the mobi/epub format. I do read quite a lot on my ereader, but nothing will ever touch the feel of holding an actual book!

Reviews will be posted within 4-6 weeks after I receive the book. If you need the review in a shorter time period, let me know and I can accommodate. 

If the book you are requesting to be reviewed is part of a series, I would prefer to receive the whole set leading up to the specified book. It will help to know the full story line and not just jump into the middle! I will also do reviews on all books sent, not just the main one requested.

I will accept books in the following categories:
- YA books (I love most all books of this genre)
- Fiction (Historical, Women's)
- Science Fiction
- Suspense/Thriller
- Horror
-New Adult
-Adult (not as in erotica, but just books that fall into the Adult category)

I will not accept books in the following categories:
- anything Political
- Self Help/How To
- Christian Lit
- Non-fiction

*Romance and Memoirs/Biographies are not my favorite categories but I have been known to read them. If the story line seems intriguing and peaks my interest then I would be glad to review it. 


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