Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fresh and Clean..

First post. Fresh start. I'm not new to blogging. Years ago, on LiveJournal, I found my love of writing. I'm not a professional by any means. I had another blog that I've used for the last couple of years. In that time, I hadn't posted regularly or really even built up a very big following. But I found that I was getting all mixed up in the things I wanted to blog about. I am a lover of many things but there are 3 things that stand out to me more than others. Books, Product Reviews & Crafting.

I know that the normal is to have a "niche" for your blog and you stick to that specific thing. Well, I'm breaking the mold. I want to write about all 3, so that's what I'm going to do. In this blog you will find book reviews, product reviews and the progress on our home remodeling. I'm way to flaky to keep up with multiple blogs so why not combine them? If you can handle the mash-up then I'm happy to have you!

I'm new to book blogging. The next few weeks (months) I will work on building up some content. Bear with me. I currently have 7 books that I've received to review. After those are posted, I will start adding some random books that I've recently read.

I love to review products. The last few months I've joined several sites that send you out products to review. Once again, I'm just getting started in this as well. I also really enjoy getting freebies and samples in the mail. On my old blog I had a "freebie friday" post to share the things I've received during the week. I may continue that here. Or I may only post these on my Facebook page. I haven't decided how to share these yet. Ideas?

As for the home remodeling, I just want a place to document our progress and all the projects that we complete. About 5 years ago, my husband and I bought a mobile home. We are working on improving our credit (so a house wasn't an option) and we didn't want to rent an apartment. So we went the mobile home route. So far we are installing hardwood floors, completely remodeling our kitchen and repainting. I'd love for you all to follow along with our process!

I have plans to open an online shop in the future. I love to sew, paint and refurbish old, ugly things. Once this happens, you can expect some posts on this too. :)

For those of you who've stumbled upon my new blog, Welcome! I hope that you choose to stick around. I'd love to hear from you as well. Tips, ideas and feedback are invited.

EDIT: I'm currently in the process of transferring a few select posts from my old blog to this one. Bear with me if a couple links are wonky for a while. While I want a fresh start, a few of my old posts correspond with my 101 challenge. Aside from that and a few product reviews, all content on this blog will be fresh and new!


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