Saturday, October 27, 2012

BOOK REVIEW {Skid by Doug Solter}

Title: Skid
Author: Doug Solter
Publication Date: May 20, 2012
ISBN: 1477432655

Can a small-town girl with a big attitude balance a boy and a demanding racing career in Formula 1, the biggest racing circus in the world?
Samantha Sutton drove the car that killed her dad. Now the seventeen-year-old can’t rest until she becomes the racing champion her dad molded her to be. Samantha exploits the system and earns a spot on a German racing team struggling to be relevant against the elite teams of Formula 1.
Samantha pushes herself, pushes her car, pushes her luck at 200 miles per hour. She battles Emilio Ronaldo, seven time world champion and Ferrari racing god. A hero to young girl, but now a rival to a young woman.
To keep herself sane, Samantha relies on her best friend Manny. But she doesn’t know quite what to do about his deep feelings for her. She would love to ask her sisters for advice, but they won’t talk to her. Not since Samantha told them the truth about Dad’s accident. The truth about that dark and rainy night.

Skid is a story that revolves around racing. Personally, I'm not a fan of racing but my husband is. He even races himself. Because of this, I jumped at the chance to read this book. I thought that it might teach me a thing or two, and it did!

Samantha is just a normal, small town girl who is struggling with the death of her father. A death that was caused by her driving. She jumps at the chance to become a real race car driver. A chance to make her fathers dreams for her come true. She becomes best friends with a boy named Manny. As her career in professional racing grows, so do her feelings for Manny.

I really like Samantha's character. She had a bit of a temper but she stood up for herself. Manny seemed a bit nerdy to me and I couldn't ever quite envision him in head. They're "love story" frustrated me a little. I don't want to give to much away but they both just seemed a bit to stubborn about revealing their feelings to each other. It was a tad bit overkill. 

The writing was really well done. Mr. Solter really drew me into this story. And that is saying a lot coming from a girl who doesn't enjoy racing! The ending held a small let down. I just anticipated it being a little more dramatic than it was. But it completed the story line very well. It even brought a few tears to my eyes.

Even if you aren't into racing, I'd recommend this book. It was a fun read. It surely didn't "blow my mind", but I enjoyed the time spent with Skid.

*I received an e-copy of Skid from the author in exchange for an honest review.


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